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PLoS One. 2013 Apr 4;8(4):e59905. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0059905. Print 2013.

Novel loci associated with increased risk of sudden cardiac death in the context of coronary artery disease.

Collaborators (205)

Aerts J, Ahmad T, Arbury H, Attwood A, Auton A, Ball SG, Balmforth AJ, Barnes C, Barrett JC, Barroso I, Barton A, Bennett AJ, Bhaskar S, Blaszczyk K, Bowes J, Brand OJ, Braund PS, Bredin F, Breen G, Brown MJ, Bruce IN, Bull J, Burren OS, Burton J, Byrnes J, Caesar S, Cardin N, Clee CM, Coffey AJ, Connell JM, Conrad DF, Cooper JD, Dominiczak AF, Downes K, Drummond HE, Dudakia D, Dunham A, Ebbs B, Eccles D, Edkins S, Edwards C, Elliot A, Emery P, Evans DM, Evans G, Eyre S, Farmer A, Ferrier IN, Flynn E, Forbes A, Forty L, Franklyn JA, Frayling TM, Freathy RM, Giannoulatou E, Gibbs P, Gilbert P, Gordon-Smith K, Gray E, Green E, Groves CJ, Grozeva D, Gwilliam R, Hall A, Hammond N, Hardy M, Harrison P, Hassanali N, Hebaishi H, Hines S, Hinks A, Hitman GA, Hocking L, Holmes C, Howard E, Howard P, Howson JM, Hughes D, Hunt S, Isaacs JD, Jain M, Jewell DP, Johnson T, Jolley JD, Jones IR, Jones LA, Kirov G, Langford CF, Lango-Allen H, Lathrop GM, Lee J, Lee KL, Lees C, Lewis K, Lindgren CM, Maisuria-Armer M, Maller J, Mansfield J, Marchini JL, Martin P, Massey DC, McArdle WL, McGuffin P, McLay KE, McVean G, Mentzer A, Mimmack ML, Morgan E, Morris AP, Mowat C, Munroe PB, Myers S, Newman W, Nimmo ER, O'Donovan MC, Onipinla A, Ovington NR, Owen MJ, Palin K, Palotie A, Parnell K, Pearson R, Pernet D, Perry JR, Phillips A, Plagnol V, Prescott NJ, Prokopenko I, Quail MA, Rafelt S, Rayner NW, Reid DM, Renwick A, Ring SM, Robertson N, Robson S, Russell E, St Clair D, Sambrook JG, Sanderson JD, Sawcer SJ, Schuilenburg H, Scott C, Scott R, Seal S, Shaw-Hawkins S, Shields BM, Simmonds MJ, Smyth DJ, Somaskantharajah E, Spanova K, Steer S, Stephens J, Stevens HE, Stirrups K, Stone MA, Strachan DP, Su Z, Symmons DP, Thompson JR, Thomson W, Tobin MD, Travers ME, Turnbull C, Vukcevic D, Wain LV, Walker M, Walker NM, Wallace C, Warren-Perry M, Watkins NA, Webster J, Weedon MN, Wilson AG, Woodburn M, Wordsworth BP, Yau C, Young AH, Zeggini E, Brown MA, Burton PR, Caulfield MJ, Compston A, Farrall M, Gough SC, Hall AS, Hattersley AT, Hill AV, Mathew CG, Pembrey M, Satsangi J, Stratton MR, Worthington J, Hurles ME, Duncanson A, Ouwehand WH, Parkes M, Rahman N, Todd JA, Samani NJ, Kwiatkowski DP, McCarthy MI, Craddock N, Deloukas P, Donnelly P.

Author information

The Heart Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, United States of America.



Recent genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified novel loci associated with sudden cardiac death (SCD). Despite this progress, identified DNA variants account for a relatively small portion of overall SCD risk, suggesting that additional loci contributing to SCD susceptibility await discovery. The objective of this study was to identify novel DNA variation associated with SCD in the context of coronary artery disease (CAD).


Using the MetaboChip custom array we conducted a case-control association analysis of 119,117 SNPs in 948 SCD cases (with underlying CAD) from the Oregon Sudden Unexpected Death Study (Oregon-SUDS) and 3,050 controls with CAD from the Wellcome Trust Case-Control Consortium (WTCCC). Two newly identified loci were significantly associated with increased risk of SCD after correction for multiple comparisons at: rs6730157 in the RAB3GAP1 gene on chromosome 2 (P = 4.93×10(-12), OR = 1.60) and rs2077316 in the ZNF365 gene on chromosome 10 (P = 3.64×10(-8), OR = 2.41).


Our findings suggest that RAB3GAP1 and ZNF365 are relevant candidate genes for SCD and will contribute to the mechanistic understanding of SCD susceptibility.

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