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[Multidrug resistance of enteric bacilli and its relation to structure and molecular evolution of variable region in resistance-related class-I integron].

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  • 1Department of Laboratory Medicine, The People's Hospital of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou 310014, China.



To investigate the drug resistance of enteric bacilli and its relation to the drug resistance gene cassette in the variable region and molecular evolution of class-I integron.


K-B assay was applied to measure the drug resistance of E.coli, E.cloacae and A.baumannii isolated against twelve antibiotics. The class-I integron and drug resistance gene cassettes in the variable region of the integron were detected by PCR and sequencing of amplification products. The molecular evolution of drug resistance genes in the class-I integrons was analyzed using Clustal X and MEGA software.


54.2%-100% of A.baumannii isolates were resistant to the penicillin and cephem antibiotics, while E.coli and E.cloacae isolates had resistance rates of 41.6%-62.5% to cephem antibiotics. 62.5%(15/24) of E.coli, 67.9%(19/28) of E.cloacae and 83.3%(20/24) of A.baumannii isolates were positive for class-I integrons. 81.5% (44/54) of class-I integrons showed 4 different single band spectrums and the other class-I integrons displayed 3 different double band spectrums. In the drug resistance gene cassettes in variable regions of class-I integrons there were 7 types in 4 groups of drug resistance genes, including aac(6'), sad(3"), aad(2"), cat(4') and dfr (types 7, A13 and 15), which induced the resistance to aminoglycosides and sulfamido antibiotics and chloromycin. The class-I integrons in the isolates might be divided into 4 molecular evolution groups according to the diversity of dihydrofolate reductase encoding gene sequences.


The enteric bacilli have a high drug resistance and frequently carry class-I integrons with 7 drug resistance gene cassettes which present 4 different evolutionary pathways.

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