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Maedica (Buchar). 2012 Dec;7(4):271-6.

276G>T Polymorphism of the ADIPOQ Gene Influences Plasma Adiponectin in Type 2 Diabetes Patients but Is Not Predictive for Presence of Type 2 Diabetes in a Caucasian Cohort from Romania.

Author information

Department of Nephrology.



Previous reports associated ADIPOQ 276G>T polymorphism with plasma adiponectin levels and diabetes. Our objective was to study this polymorphism in type 2 diabetes (T2D) Romanian patients and to assess its influence on plasma adiponectin levels; possible link to prevalence of T2D was also addressed.


Case control studyMaterial and Methods: Consecutive T2D patients, age and sex matched controls were genotyped for the 276 ADIPOQ locus. Medical history, laboratory evaluation, plasma adiponectin were assessed.


105 T2D patients and 48 controls were included. Adiponectin was higher in controls (17.04±3.02 µg/ml) than in T2D patients (10.32±1.16 µg/ml), difference failed to reach significance (p=0.06). Genotype distribution wasn't different between T2D patients and controls. 44 (41.90%) of T2D patients had GG genotype, 51 (48.57%) GT and 10 (9.52%) TT genotype. Adiponectin was higher (19.03±3.46 µg/ml) in diabetic TT allele carriers than in GT (9.96±1.76 µg/ml) or GG patients (8.71±1.60 µg/ml) p=0.003. In controls, 28 (58.33 %) subjects were carriers of the GG genotype, 16 (33.33%) had GT genotype and 4 (8.33%) had TT genotype. There weren't significant differences in the studied parameters between different genotypes in the control group. Logistic regression disclosed age p=0.0001 (OR 1.086; CI 1.041/1.133), waist circumference p=0.00049 (OR 1.084; CI 1.036/1.135), adiponectinemia p=0.036 (OR 0.963; CI 0.929/0.998) but not genotype as predictors for the presence of diabetes.


Presence of the TT allele at the 276 locus of the ADIPOQ gene is associated with higher plasma adiponectin levels in type 2 diabetes patients. Plasma adiponectin, and not genotype at the 276 locus is predictive for the presence of T2D.


adiponectin; gene polymorphism; type 2 diabetes

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