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[A case report of pharynx leiomyosarcoma].

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The patient was hospitalized for foreign body sensation at pharynx persisted for two months. The patient noticed that the left pharyngeal palate was elevated two months ago and was treated as pharyngitis without success. Because of no eating difficulty, loss of voice or sore throat, the patient did not seek for further treatment. Recently the foreign body sensation at pharynx was worsened and the elevation at left pharyngeal palate enlarged and affected pronunciation and speech. A bulge about 4 cm x 5 cm in size was found around left soft palate and tonsil, relatively hard in texture; The mucosal membrane of the bulge was intact with slight hyperemia. The bulge was not movable and exhibited no tenderness to touch and no bleeding to press. Left tonsil was swelling of degree I degrees, grayish white and unsmooth on the surface. Uvula was deviated slight to the right. The soft palate movement was not satisfactory. No swelling on right tonsil. The CT indicated a soft tissue mass at left parapharyngeal space, about 3.4 cm x 5.4 cm in size. leiomyosarcoma (pharynx).

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