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Electrophoresis. 1990 Feb;11(2):140-7.

IPGMAKER: a program for IBM-compatible personal computers to create and test recipes for immobilized pH gradients.

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University of Giessen, Federal Republic of Germany.


The program "IPGMAKER" is a computational aid for creating and testing recipes for near-linear immobilized pH gradients. It was written for fast IBM personal computers (with a Type 80386 processor and 80387 coprocessor) and compatibles equipped with a VGA, EGA or Hercules (mono) graphics card. The program is limited to the use of up to 10 acids and/or bases, and to ranges spanning between pH 2 and 12. The resulting recipes are presented either as final concentrations in the 2 chambers of a mixing device for linear gradients or as volumes from 0.2 moles/L stock solutions adjusted to a user-defined average buffering power. One of the subroutines determines the pH, gradient slope and buffering capacity at any location of the gradient and includes a facility to estimate the pI of proteins from the composition of their primary structure.

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