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J Agric Food Chem. 2013 Jan 30;61(4):801-10. doi: 10.1021/jf304002h. Epub 2013 Jan 22.

Chemical composition, antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activity of extracts prepared from aerial parts of Oenothera biennis L. and Oenothera paradoxa Hudziok obtained after seeds cultivation.

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Department of Pharmacognosy and Molecular Basis of Phytotherapy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland.


In the present study we investigated the chemical composition of extracts prepared from aerial parts of Oenothera paradoxa Hudziok and Oenothera biennis L. and their antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activities. Ultra high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC)-DAD-MS/MS studies showed that both extracts contain a wide variety of polyphenols (39 identified constituents) among which macrocyclic ellagitannin turned out to be the main constituent. During the in vitro studies, using noncellular models, both extracts scavenged reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a concentration-dependent manner, and the lowest SC(50) values were obtained for O(2)(-) and H(2)O(2). Both extracts inhibited ROS production by stimulated human neutrophils. The stronger activity in the case of formyl-met-leu-phenylalanine stimulation suggests that both extracts may act through the receptor-dependent pathway. O. paradoxa extract and O. biennis extract exhibited anti-inflammatory activity by the inhibition of hyaluronidase and lipoxygenase in a concentration-dependent manner. The stronger activity of O.biennis extract toward lipoxygenase may be explained by its higher oenothein B content.

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