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Oncol Rep. 2013 Feb;29(2):595-604. doi: 10.3892/or.2012.2154. Epub 2012 Nov 28.

SLC gene-modified dendritic cells mediate T cell-dependent anti-gastric cancer immune responses in vitro.

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Department of Breast and Thyroid Surgery, Chengdu Army General Hospital, Chengdu 610083, PR China.


Dendritic cells (DCs) are potent professional antigen-presenting cells (APCs) with the ability to prime naïve T cells, and play an important role in the initiation and regulation of immune responses. In this study, we constructed a recombinant adenovirus carrying the SLC gene (Ad-SLC), and detected the biological effects of Ad-SLC-modified DCs as an adjuvant for the initiation of gastric cancer immune responses. Human DCs were transfected with Ad-SLC and the recombinant adenovirus carrying the β-galactosidase gene, Ad-LacZ, respectively. Modified DCs were pulsed with the cell lysate antigen of SGC-7901 cells (a type of gastric cancer cell line) and co-cultured with autologous T cells. The T cells were harvested and incubated with SGC-7901 cells and the cytotoxic function of the T cells was detected. Based on the data, the expression of mature DC phenotypes CD83 and CCR7 was upregulated after transfection with Ad-SLC and the chemotaxis function of DCs was augmented after transfection with Ad-SLC. Moreover, the expression of RANTES in DCs was upregulated by Ad-SLC transfection, while expression levels of IL-12p70 and IL-10 were not significantly altered. When co-cultured with autologous T cells, DCs modified with the SLC gene and pulsed with SGC-7901 cell lysates significantly promoted the proliferation of autologous T cells and induced Th1 differentiation, and displayed a strong cytotoxicity to SGC-7901 cells. In conclusion, Ad-SLC promoted DC maturation, enhancing the ability of DCs for T-cell chemotaxis and T-cell stimulation, and induced specific anti-gastric cancer cellular immunity. Recombinant Ad-SLC-modified DCs may be used as an adjuvant to induce an effective anti-gastric cancer immune response.

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