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J Gen Microbiol. 1979 Oct;114(2):401-8.

Isolation and partial characterization of four plasmids from antibiotic-resistant thermophilic bacilli.


Twenty-nine antibiotic-resistant isolates of thermophilic bacilli were examined for the presence of covalently closed circular duplex DNA molecules by agarose-gel electrophoresis and caesium chloride-ethidium bromide density gradient centrifugation. Five of the 29 strains tested contained covalently closed circular molecules. Two of the streptomycin-resistant strains contained the same two plasmids: pAB118A of molecular weight 4.9 X 10(6) (7.0 kilobases) and pAB118B of molecular weight 3.0 X 10(6) (4.3 kilobases). Two of the tetracycline-resistant strains each contained a plasmid (pAB124) of molecular weight 2.9 X 10(6) (4.14 kilobases), while a third harboured a small plasmid (pAB128) of molecular weight 2.5 X 10(6) (3.57 kilobases). These plasmids were digested with 19 different restriction endonucleases and the numbers of cleavage sites were determined. Transformation of Bacillus subtilis (168 (Trp-) with purified plasmid DNA indicated that pAB124 conferred tetracycline resistance on the host.

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