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Nature. 1990 Mar 29;344(6265):444-7.

Expression of an erythroid transcription factor in megakaryocytic and mast cell lineages.

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Division of Hematology-Oncology, Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts 02115.


The nuclear factor GF-1 (also known as NF-E1, Eryf-1; refs 1-3 respectively) is important in regulation of the transcription of globin and other genes that are specifically expressed in erythroid cells. We have previously shown that GF-1 of both mouse and human origin is a 413-amino-acid polypeptide with two novel zinc-finger domains whose expression is restricted to erythroid cells. Using in situ hybridization of mouse bone marrow cells and northern blot analysis of purified cell populations and permanent cell lines, we show here that GF-1 is expressed in two other hematopoietic lineages, megakaryocytes and bone marrow-derived mast cells. Our findings are consistent with results from hematopoietic progenitor culture which suggest a relationship between erythroid, megakaryocytic and mast cell lineages, and imply that GF-1 is expressed in committed multipotential cells and their progeny. Hence, the mere presence of this transcription factor is unlikely to be sufficient to programme differentiation of a single haematopoietic lineage. GF-1 may regulate the transcription of not only erythroid genes, but also many genes characteristic of megakaryocytes and mast cells, or genes shared among these lineages.

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