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J Anim Sci. 1990 Mar;68(3):776-81.

Influence of steaming time on site of digestion of flaked corn in steers.

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Anim. Sci. Dept., University of California, El Centro 92243.


Four crossbred steers (395 kg) with cannulas in the rumen, proximal duodenum and distal ileum were used to evaluate effects of steaming time of corn on characteristics of digestion. The basal diet contained (DM basis) 12% forage-and 75% corn. The corn portion of the diet was provided as either dry-rolled (DR) or steam-flaked (SF), which had been exposed to steam for 34, 47 or 67 min prior to flaking to a mean density of .34 kg/liter. Longer steaming times linearly increased in vitro reactivity of corn starch to amyloglucosidase. Steaming time had a quadratic effect (P less than .05) on ruminal starch digestion. Ruminal starch digestibility of corn steamed for 47 min was 7% less than for corn steamed for 34 or 67 min. Longer steaming time linearly increased (P less than .05) flow of non-ammonia N to the small intestine with the principal increase (5.4%) between 34 and 47 min steaming time. Steaming time did not influence (P greater than .10) small intestinal or total tract digestibility of OM, starch or N. Compared with DR, SF increased (P less than .01) ruminal, small intestinal and total tract digestibility of starch 21.9, 75.1 and 9.2%, respectively. Although SF resulted in marked improvements in digestibility over DR, steaming times greater than 34 min were not beneficial.

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