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[Study on the differential gene expressions of chronic hepatitis B patients of gan depression pi deficiency syndrome and pi-wei damp-heat syndrome].

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Center for Infectious Diseases, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Chengdu.



To explore the differential gene expressions of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) of Gan depression Pi deficiency syndrome (GDPDS) and Pi-Wei damp-heat syndrome (PWDHS).


The ulnar venous blood was withdrawn from healthy subjects (26 cases), patients of GDPDS (35 cases) and PWDHS (34 cases) on an empty stomach. The total RNA was extracted using Trizol method. The differential genes were detected using Aglient expression profile chip and screened using randomized variance model. The results were analyzed using GO, Pathway, GeneBank, NCBI, and Geneontology.


There were 125 differential genes between CHB patients of GDPDS and those of PWDHS (including 66 up-regulated genes and 59 down-regulated genes), mainly involving in functions of transmembrane transport, response to selenium ion, and regulation of calcium ion-dependent exocytosis. The signal pathway participated in mainly includes cell adhesion molecules, calcium ion signaling pathway, leukocyte trans-endothelial migration. We present gene co-expression networks to find 9 interactions among genes (LOC340508, HIST2H2BE, MPL, FLJ22536, TUBA8, NT5M, EGFL7, PTPRF, TSPAN33), which were mainly involved in immune response, cell growth, DNA damage, signal transduction, inflammatory reaction, and so on.


The differential expression genes existed between CHB patients of GDPDS and those of PWDHS, indicating that Chinese medicine syndrome classification has its own basis for gene expression profile. The genomics research method is expected to provide an objective basis for Chinese medicine syndrome typing.

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