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Turk J Gastroenterol. 2012;23(5):535-7.

Evaluation of the risk factors of pilonidal sinus: a single center experience.

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Department of Surgery, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran.



We aimed to evaluate which factors, if prevented, could facilitate a decrease in the rate of pilonidal sinus.


From November 2008 to 2010, all patients referred to the surgery clinic were examined by the general surgery attending physician. Patients with a diagnosis of pilonidal sinus were considered as the trial group. The control group included healthy persons who accompanied the patients to the clinic. Both groups completed a questionnaire form, which included age, sex, occupation, weight, height, number of baths taken per week, mean duration of sitting and driving, and family history of pilonidal sinus. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software was used to analyze the data.


Positive family history was seen in 71.7% of patients compared to 23.2% of the control group. 70.7% of patients had body mass index >25, whereas only 12.9% of the control group were overweight. P value was significant for family history and body mass index >25. Long duration of sitting was seen in 66.7% of patients vs. 22.8% of the control group (p: 0.002). Long duration of driving was reported in 70.7% of the patient group compared to 24.8% of the control group (p: 0.001). Irregular hygiene of the sacrococcygeal region was noted in 74.7% of the patient group, while 40.6% of the control group took baths less than three times per week (p value was significant). Pilonidal sinus was seen in 39.4% of drivers in the patient group and in 23.8% of the control group (p: 0.012). P value was not significant between students in the patient and control groups (30.3% vs. 23.8%, respectively).


Weight loss and regular hygiene, especially in patients with long durations of sitting and/or driving, are the suggested preventative measures to decrease the risk of disease.

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