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J Air Waste Manag Assoc. 2012 Oct;62(10):1227-32.

Adsorption behavior of toluene on modified 1X molecular sieves.

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College of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, No. 18 Chaowang Road, Hangzhou 310032, PR China.


In this paper, the toluene adsorption/desorption properties of modified 13X molecular sieves (M-13X) are discussed. M-13X molecular sieves were prepared by acidic and steam treatments of 13X molecular sieves. The structural parameters of M-13X were evaluated and compared with those of other molecular sieves (HY, HZSM-5, Cs7NaMOR, and a commercial 13X). The results show that the specific surface area, average pore diameter and pore volume of M-13X were 414.17 m2/g, 2.98 nm, and 0.31 mL/g, respectively. The pore size distribution of M-13X was 1.8-3.0 nm. Because of its larger Si/Al ratio (Si/Al = 6.77), the hydrophobicity of M-13X is much higher than that of 13X (Si/Al = 1.28), indicating that it is particularly well suited to toluene control applications. The saturation adsorption capacity of M-13X was 0.045 g/g for simulated toluene at a temperature of 293 K and a relative humidity of 50%. The optimal regeneration temperature of M-13X was 473 K for 120 min with a hot air flow rate of 140 L/min.


The modified 13X molecular sieves (M-13X) are adsorbents with a high adsorption capacity and great hydrophobicity, suitable for the treatment of VOCs. The purpose of the present investigation is to provide a practical guide for their design.

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