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Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2013 Jun;63(Pt 6):2260-4. doi: 10.1099/ijs.0.046987-0. Epub 2012 Nov 12.

Sphingobacterium caeni sp. nov., isolated from activated sludge.

Author information

Key Laboratory of Agricultural Environmental Microbiology, Ministry of Agriculture, Life Sciences College of Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210095, PR China.


The taxonomic status of a bacterium, strain DC-8(T), isolated from activated sludge, was determined using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. The cells of strain DC-8(T) were Gram-negative, non-motile, non-spore-forming and rod-shaped. The isolate grew at temperature range of 10-40 °C (optimum 30-35 °C), pH range of 5.0-10.0 (optimum 6.5-8.0) and NaCl concentrations of 0-5% (optimum 0-1%). The predominant menaquinone of strain DC-8(T) was MK-7 and major fatty acids were summed feature 3 (C16:1ω6c and/or C16:1ω7c; 39.7%), iso-C15:0 (33.7%) and C16:0 (5.2%). The DNA G+C content was 39.8 mol%. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequence comparison revealed that strain DC-8(T) was a member of the genus Sphingobacterium. Strain DC-8(T) shared the highest similarity with Sphingobacterium siyangense SY1(T) (98.4%), Sphingobacterium multivorum IAM 14316(T) (98.3%), Sphingobacterium canadense CR11(T) (98.0%) and Sphingobacterium detergens 6.2S(T) (97.9%) and shared less than 97% similarity with other members of the genus Sphingobacterium. DNA-DNA hybridization experiments showed that the DNA-DNA relatedness values between strain DC-8(T) and its closest phylogenetic neighbours were below 70%. Based on the phylogenetic analysis, DNA-DNA hybridization, whole-cell fatty acid composition as well as biochemical characteristics, strain DC-8(T) was clearly distinguished from all recognized species of the genus Sphingobacterium and should be classified as a representative of a novel species of the genus Sphingobacterium, for which the name Sphingobacterium caeni sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is DC-8(T) (=CCTCC AB 2012020(T)=KACC 16850(T)).

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