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Biochem J. 1977 Oct 15;168(1):15-22.

2-Deoxy-D-galactose, a substrate for the galactose-transport system of Escherichia coli.


The following observations showed that 2-deoxy-D-galactose is a useful tool for the isolation and elucidation of the activity of one system for galactose uptake into Escherichia coli. 1. 2-Deoxygalactose, which is not a substrate for growth of E. coli, was transported into strains of the organism induced for galactose transport. 2. By using appropriate mutants it was shown that 2-deoxygalactose is a much better substrate for the galactose-transport system than for the methyl galactoside-transport system. This was confirmed by the results of mutual inhibition studies with substrates of each transport system. 3. The glucose-, arabinose- or lactose-transport systems did not effect significant transport of 2-deoxygalactose. 4. Like other substrates of the galactose-transport system, 2-deoxygalactose promoted effective proton uptake into de-energized suspensions of appropriate E. coli strains. 5. The S183 series of E. coli mutants were found to contain a constitutive galactose-transport system, if 2-deoxygalactose transport is used as one criterion for such activity.

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