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Mitochondrion. 2012 Nov;12(6):607-16. doi: 10.1016/j.mito.2012.10.007. Epub 2012 Oct 12.

Endurance training and chronic intermittent hypoxia modulate in vitro salicylate-induced hepatic mitochondrial dysfunction.

Author information

  • 1Research Centre in Physical Activity, Health and Leisure, Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, Portugal.


Mitochondrial function is modulated by multiple approaches including physical activity, which can afford cross-tolerance against a variety of insults. We therefore aimed to analyze the effects of endurance-training (ET) and chronic-intermittent hypobaric-hypoxia (IHH) on liver mitochondrial bioenergetics and whether these effects translate into benefits against in vitro salicylate mitochondrial toxicity. Twenty-eight young-adult male rats were divided into normoxic-sedentary (NS), normoxic-exercised (NE), hypoxic-sedentary (HS) and hypoxic-exercised (HE). ET consisted of 1h/days of treadmill running and IHH of simulated atmospheric pressure of 49.3 kPa 5h/days during 5weeks. Liver mitochondrial oxygen consumption, transmembrane-electric potential (ΔΨ) and permeability transition pore induction (MPTP) were evaluated in the presence and absence of salicylate. Aconitase, MnSOD, caspase-3 and 8 activities, SH, MDA, SIRT3, Cyp D, HSP70, and OXPHOS subunit contents were assessed. ET and IHH decreased basal mitochondrial state-3 and state-4 respiration, although no alterations were observed in ΔΨ endpoints evaluated in control mitochondria. In the presence of salicylate, ET and IHH decreased state-4 and lag-phase of ADP-phosphorylation. Moreover, ADP-lag phase in hypoxic was further lower than in normoxic groups. Neither ET nor IHH altered the susceptibility to calcium-induced MPTP. IHH lowered MnSOD and increased aconitase activities. ET and IHH decreased caspase 8 activity whereas no effect was observed on caspase 3. The levels of SIRT3 increased with ET and IHH and Cyp D decreased with IHH. Data suggest that ET and IHH do not alter general basal liver mitochondrial function, but may attenuate some adverse effects of salicylate.

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