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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1990 Jan 15;166(1):394-403.

Cloning, sequencing and expression of human TSH receptor.

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Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale Unité 135, Hôpital de Bicêtre, Le Kremlin Bicetre, France.


Complementary cDNA clones encoding the TSH (thyroid stimulatory hormone) receptor were isolated from a human thyroid lambda gt10 library using Iow stringency hybridization with LH/hCG (luteinizing hormone-human choriogonadotropic hormone) receptor probes. Sequencing of the clones showed a 764 amino acid open reading frame. The first 21 amino acids probably correspond to a signal peptide, the mature protein thus contains 743 amino acids (calculated molecular weight: 84,501 daltons). Its putative structure consists of a 394 amino acid extracellular domain, a 266 amino acid membrane spanning domain with 7 putative transmembrane segments and a 83 amino acid intracellular domain. A high degree of homology is observed with LH/hCG receptor suggesting the definition of a new subfamily of G-protein coupled receptors. Computer search showed the presence in the putative third intracellular loop of a motif resembling that described in the non receptor type protein tyrosine kinases (c-src, c-yes, c-fgr, etc...). RNA blots showed that the receptor messenger RNA consists of two major species of 4300 and 3900 nucleotides. The cDNA was inserted into an expression vector and after transfection into COS 7 cells it was shown to produce a functional TSH receptor.

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