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Intensive Care Med. 2012 Nov;38(11):1787-99. doi: 10.1007/s00134-012-2650-9. Epub 2012 Aug 2.

Chest radiographs in 104 French ICUs: current prescription strategies and clinical value (the RadioDay study).

Collaborators (141)

Allaouchiche B, Amathieu R, Amdjar N, Ammenouche N, Angel G, Arnal JM, Attof R, Asehnoune K, Audibert G, Avenel A, Baldesi O, Baro B, Beaussier M, Befort P, Berger P, Beuret P, Blel Y, Boles JM, Bonnet C, Bonnieux E, Boudon M, Boudour A, Bouferrache K, Boulain T, Boulet E, Bouregba M, Brenas F, Bretonniere C, Brivet F, Bruel C, Caille V, Challan Belval A, Chanques G, Chatellier D, Chausset R, Chiche A, Cholley B, Claud B, Clech C, Coisel Y, Constantin JM, Cousson J, Crognier L, Crombe C, Damoisel C, Debbat K, Delabre JP, Delahaye A, Deme M, Desnault H, Dewitte A, Duguet A, Dumont R, Dupont H, Ehrmann S, Mondor H, Favier L, Ferrandiere M, Fourcade O, Fontaine O, Francois B, Frat JP, Frenoy E, Garot D, Gaudry S, Gette S, Gissot V, Gouiry JC, Guerot E, Grognu A, Guerry MJ, Halley G, Holzapfel L, Hourcastagnou E, Ichai C, Jacob L, Jacques L, Jourdain M, Jung B, Kaidomar M, Kerhuel L, Klouche K, Kuteifan K, Labaste F, Lasocki S, Lautrette A, Lebreton F, Lefrant JY, Legoux C, Legrand M, Lehot JJ, Lemaitre A, Leone M, Lucas AS, Mahul P, Margetis D, Massanet P, Mathonnet A, Maury C, Maxime V, Meaudre E, Merceron S, Mercier E, Mertes PM, Mesnil M, Messika J, Michelet P, Marguerite S, Mignon A, Mimoz O, Mofredj A, Monarchi R, Monchi M, Morel J, Moret C, Orabona M, Orban JC, Ouattara A, Pajot O, Paugam C, Payen JF, Perbet S, PIRIOU V, Poiron L, Perrigault PF, de Chauliac G, Plantefeve G, Prat G, Prigent-Manchon H, Reignier J, Ricome S, Rime A, Riu-Poulenc B, Roustan J, Roze H, Seguin P, Seguin T, Sztrymf B, Tellier AC, Timsit JF, Tomescu C.

Author information

Réanimation Polyvalente, Service d'Anesthésie-Réanimation Lapeyronie, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Lapeyronie, Montpellier, France.



To analyze the current practices of chest radiograph (CXR) prescription and their clinical impact.


Prospective snapshot observational study (on RadioDay) combined with a survey.


Patients who were given a CXR on RadioDay.


One hundred four French intensive care units (ICUs).


On RadioDay, 854 CXRs (in 804 patients) were ordered. For the "CXRs morning round," the prescription policy was declared to be "on-demand" (in 63 % of the ICUs), "daily routine only in mechanically ventilated patients (MV)" (30 %) or, less frequently, "daily routine in all patients" (7 %). When analyzing the two main local policies, as compared with "daily routine only in MV" ICUs, in "on-demand" ICUs: (1) fewer CXRs were ordered (0.6 ± 0.3 vs. 0.9 ± 0.2 CXRs/patient, p < 0.001) with no increase in the rate of unscheduled CXRs (i.e., CXRs performed outside the morning round), and (2) individual CXRs were more often followed by a therapeutic intervention (which would not have occurred without the CXR): 34 vs. 25 % of the CXRs (p < 0.05). Last, in case of severe respiratory disease (low PaO(2)/FiO(2) ratio), it is noteworthy that the clinical value of "on-demand" individual CXRs was still markedly higher than that of "daily routine" CXRs.


Nearly two-thirds of the participating ICUs adopted the "on-demand" strategy of prescription, which was associated with a lower rate of CXRs with no increase in unscheduled CXRs and was of higher clinical value than a "daily routine in MV" strategy. Importantly, the study design did not allow assessing if the "on-demand" strategy had missed or delayed some diagnoses.

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