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Open Biol. 2012 Jul;2(7):120088. doi: 10.1098/rsob.120088.

Inactivation and reactivation of ribonuclease A studied by computer simulation.

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Adelard Institute, Manchester M29 7FZ, UK.


The year 2011 marked the half-centenary of the publication of what came to be known as the Anfinsen postulate, that the tertiary structure of a folded protein is prescribed fully by the sequence of its constituent amino acid residues. This postulate has become established as a credo, and, indeed, no contradictions seem to have been found to date. However, the experiments that led to this postulate were conducted on only a single protein, bovine ribonuclease A (RNAse). We conduct molecular dynamics (MD) simulations on this protein with the aim of mimicking this experiment as well as making the methodology available for use with basically any protein. There have been many attempts to model denaturation and refolding processes of globular proteins in silico using MD, but only a few examples where disulphide-bond containing proteins were studied. We took the view that if the reductive deactivation and oxidative reactivation processes of RNAse could be modelled in silico, this would provide valuable insights into the workings of the classical Anfinsen experiment.


enzyme deactivation; enzyme reactivation; molecular dynamics; protein folding; protein structure

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