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J Radiol. 1990 Oct;71(10):539-47.

[The space surrounding the spinal cord. Constitution, organization and relationship with the cerebrospinal fluid].

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Institut d'Anatomie Normale, Faculté de Médecine, Strasbourg.


This study describes the structures of the three meningeal envelopes surrounding the spinal cord and delineating the perispinal spaces. The pia mater is a membrane constituted of a deep and a superficial layer. This structural organization explains the relationship of the piamater with the spinal vessels and the cerebrospinal fluid. The morphology, the structure and the topographic value of the ligamentum denticulatum are then defined. After remaining the structure of the duramater and of the arachnoidea, the organization of the meningeal envelopes of the spinal nerves is described. Meningeal structures similar to cranial arachnoid granulations are described. The problem of the cerebrospinal fluid physiology is then discussed. After remaining the secretion and circulation of the cerebro spinal fluid, the problem of its spinal resorption is discussed. This resorption can be done by ascending pathways either lymphatics or veins.

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