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Mitochondrial DNA. 2012 Oct;23(5):388-95. doi: 10.3109/19401736.2012.690747. Epub 2012 Jul 18.

A recent transposition of river involving Paraná and São Francisco basins: effects on the genetic variability and structure of the neotropical fish Parauchenipterus galeatus (Siluriformes, Auchenipteridae).

Author information

Departamento de Genética e Evolução, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Rodovia Washington Luís (SP 310) Km 235, CEP: 13565-905 São Carlos, SP, Brazil.


This study analyzed sequences of the control region of mitochondrial DNA (D-loop) in three populations of Parauchenipterus galeatus from the basins of the Paraná, São Francisco, and Piumhi rivers, of which the last river being a region that suffered transposition river. A fragment of 850 base pairs was obtained with a total of 65 polymorphic sites. The data discuss aspects related to the genetic distance between the populations through the phylogenetic reconstruction methods (neighbor-joining, maximum-likelihood, and Bayesian analysis). Moreover, the data suggest that the Piumhi River population (transposition region) has recently gone through a significant bottleneck effect, which must be directly related to the anthropic action that occurred in this region, since the drainage the old existing swamp was necessary for the construction of the transposition channel potentially leading this population in to the current lack of genetic diversity.

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