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Histochemistry. 1990;94(6):561-8.

Localization of Forssman glycolipid and GM1 ganglioside intracellularly and on the surface of germ cells during fetal testicular and ovarian development of mice.

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Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo, Japan.


Changes in the expression pattern and intracellular localization of Forssman glycolipid (FA) and GM1 ganglioside (GM1) in fetal mouse gonads were examined during germ cell differentiation by immunofluorescence microscopy and immunoelectron microscopy. In male germ cells from the 12th to 14th day p.c., anti-FA binding was localized in granular structures aggregated on one side of the cytoplasm and/or in the plasma membrane. On day 16 p.c., some germ cells still showed patch-like positive reactions in the plasma membrane, but by day 18 p.c., positive reactions for FA had completely disappeared. The female germ cells showed granular bindings of anti-FA scattered throughout their cytoplasm during the 13th to 16th day p.c., although the positive reactions in female germ cells on day 12 p.c. tended to be found in one side of cytoplasm and/or plasma membrane similar to those in male germ cells from 12th to 14th day p.c. On day 18 p.c., positive reactions remained in the plasma membrane of some germ cells, but these positive reactions disappeared before birth. Immunoelectron microscopic observation showed that the sites of anti-FA bindings were equivalent to the "small dense bodies" (SDB) and the Golgi lamellae both in male and female germ cells. On the other hand, GM1 was not detected in male germ cells at any time during fetal testicular development, whereas an anti-GM1 reaction was detected in the plasma membrane of female germ cells from the 16th to 18th day p.c. (oocytes in the first meiotic prophase).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS).

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