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J Cosmet Sci. 2011 Nov-Dec;62(6):525-33.

Freshness evaluation of refreshing creams: influence of two types of peppermint oil and emulsion formulation.

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Proiectare Generación Cosmética, José Bonifacio 715, C.P. 1424, Caba, Argentina.


The aim of the present work was to study the influence of emulsion composition and two types of peppermint oil (common and dementholated) on freshness perception (skin feel) of refreshing creams, as evaluated by trained assessors and two consumer panels. Both common peppermint oil (PO) and dementholated peppermint oil (DPO) were added in a 1% concentration to two base emulsions formulated with high (emulsion A) and low (emulsion B) concentration of apolar components. The samples' freshness was evaluated by a panel of trained assessors and by consumers. Results showed that the freshness sensation was higher when formulation B was considered, which indicates that its low proportion of apolar components might have enhanced peppermint oil liberation and penetration into the skin, increasing freshness perception. On the other hand, no significant differences in freshness intensity after 5 min of application were found between creams formulated containing DPO or PO, suggesting that other components different from menthol might have contributed to the immediate perception of freshness. Results from the present work showed that emulsion formulation has a great effect on freshness perception, suggesting that different formulations should be considered and tested when developing refreshing cosmetics.

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