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Chromosoma. 1990 Sep;99(5):365-70.

Synapsis in single and double heterozygotes for partially overlapping inversions in chromosome 1 of the house mouse.

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Institue of Cytology and Genetics, USSR Academy of Sciences, Siberian Department, Novosibirsk.


Electron microscopic (EM) analysis of synaptonemal complexes (SC) in single and double heterozygotes for the partially overlapping inversions In(1)1Icg, In(1)1Rk and In(1)12Rk in chromosome 1 of the house mouse reveals that synapsis and synaptic adjustment are dependent on the size and location of the inversions and interaction between the latter. Is(1)1Icg contains insertions of the inverted repeats Is(HSR;1C5)1Icg and Is(HSR;1D)2Icg and an inverted euchromatic region. Synaptic adjustment of the D-loops by shortening of the asynapsed segments of the lateral elements belonging to the insertions occurs at the late zytogene to early pachytene stage. Synaptic adjustment of the inversion loops takes place at early to late pachytene. A delay in adjustment was found in the double heterozygotes In(1)1Icg/In(1)1Rk and In(1)1Icg/In(1)12Rk. A correspondence between the lifespan of asynapsis in inverted regions and the probability of association of XY and heteromorphic bivalents was revealed.

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