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Acta Naturae. 2010 Apr;2(1):53-60.

Regulation of Immunogen Processing: Signal Sequences and Their Application for the New Generation of DNA-Vaccines.

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Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Russian Academy of Science.


Immunization with naked genes (DNA-immunization) is a perspective modern approach to prophylactic as well as therapeutic vaccination against pathogens, as well as cancer and allergy. A panel of DNA immunogens has been developed, some are already in the clinical trials. However, the immunogenicity of DNA vaccines, specifically of those applied to humans, needs a considerable improvement. There are several approaches to increase DNA vaccine immunogenicity. One approach implies the modifications of the encoded immunogen that change its processing and presentation, and thus the overall pattern of anti-immunogen response. For this, eukaryotic expression vectors are constructed that encode the chimeric proteins composed of the immunogen and specialized targeting or signal sequences. The review describes a number of signals that if fused to immunogen, target it into the predefined subcellular compartments. The review gives examples of their application for DNA-immunization.


DNA-vaccines; MHC-II; antigen presentation; МНС-I


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