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J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2012 Jun;52(3):273-9.

One set resistance training: effect on body composition in overweight young adults.

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Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA.



This study evaluate the impact of a 6-month, 1-set RT protocol on changes in weight and body composition in overweight young adults.


Sixty-three overweight young adults were randomized to RT or control; 55 participants (RT: N.=32; C: N.=23; BMI=27.3+2.9; age=20.7+2.7 yrs) competed the 6 month training protocol and all assessments. RT consisted of 1-set, 9 exercises, 3 times/wk., with a resistance of 3-6 repetition maximum (RM). Body composition was assessed using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, and strength using 1RM. Participants were instructed to maintain their normal ad libitum diet and normal activities of daily living.


Body weight and BMI increased significantly (P<0.05) in RT and C, however; the between group difference was not significant. RT induced a mean increase in fat-free mass of 1.5 kg in both males and females with significant between groups differences for change in fat-free mass noted in the total sample, and in both males and females. Between group differences for change in fat mass were not statistically significant in the total sample, or in either gender. Significant between group differences for change in % fat were noted in the total sample (RT=-0.3%, C=+5.8%, P<0.05) and in females (RT=-3.7%, C=+3.0%, P<0.01), but not in males (RT=3.4%, C=9.8%). Significant between group differences (P<0.001) were observed for change in chest (RT=45 %, C=3%) and leg press (RT=57 %, C=9%) maximal strength.


A 6 month, 1-set RT program in overweight young adults increased fat-free mass and prevented increases in fat mass and % fat.

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