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Dalton Trans. 2012 Jun 28;41(24):7382-9. doi: 10.1039/c2dt30520h. Epub 2012 May 14.

Synthesis and characterization of para-pyridine linked NHC palladium complexes and their studies for the Heck-Mizoroki coupling reaction.

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Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Nangang, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.


This paper describes the synthesis of 1-(pyridine-4-ylmethyl) NHC and their Pd(II) and Ag(I) complexes, which are fully characterized. Interestingly, we have also synthesized a Pd complex 3a-CO(3) using a more direct treatment of K(2)CO(3) with PdCl(2). 3a-CO(3) represents the first reported solid structure of a Pd η(2)-carbonato complex stabilized by an NHC framework. 3a-CO(3) can be easily converted to a PdCl(2) derivative by treating it with chloroform. We have found these palladium complexes mediate the Heck-Mizoroki coupling with a low catalyst loading. Furthermore, we also expand such catalytic manifold toward constructing fused polyaromatic substrates, a highly useful class of compounds in optoelectronic chemistry.


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