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Dev Biol. 1990 Dec;142(2):386-91.

The effect of ions, ion channel blockers, and ionophores on uptake of vitellogenin into cockroach follicles.

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  • 1Division of Animal Physiology, University of Berne, Switzerland.


Since calcium plays an important role in vitellogenin binding and uptake in Nauphoeta cinerea and because calcium channels have been described in follicles of this species, we investigated the effect of various ions, ionophores, and ion channel blockers on vitellogenin uptake in vitro. Calcium significantly stimulated vitellogenin uptake; this effect could be substituted best by barium and less well by strontium and magnesium. The stimulatory effect of calcium, and to a certain extent also that of barium, was dependent on the vitellogenin concentration, whereas the effect of strontium and magnesium was not. In the presence of calcium, vitellogenin uptake was inhibited by barium, strontium, and magnesium as well as by the transition elements nickel, cobalt, and zinc, but not by manganese which had a stimulatory effect. Valinomycin, verapamil, tetraethylammonium, and atropine reduced vitellogenin uptake, while amiloride and ouabain were ineffective. Our results indicate that calcium inward (and possibly potassium outward) fluxes play an important role in vitellogenin uptake.

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