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Parasite Immunol. 1990 Sep;12(5):509-27.

MHC-restricted antibody responses to Trichuris muris excretory/secretory (E/S) antigen.

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MRC Experimental Parasitology Unit, Department of Zoology, Nottingham University, University Park, UK.


Two panels of H-2 recombinant mice were used in a detailed serological study to analyse the role of H-2-linked genes in the control of the antibody response to excretory/secretory (E/S) antigens of Trichuris muris. An apparent H-2q (I-Aq) restriction on the early development of high levels of IgG1 antibody to E/S antigen was revealed by ELISA. No such restriction was demonstrated for the specific IgG2a response patterns. Recognition of two high molecular weight antigens (90-95 kDa, 105-110 kDa) by IgG antibodies was also shown to be almost exclusively H-2q restricted and may be related at least in part to the high antibody levels seen for H-2q strains of mice. Immune serum from resistant (B10.BRxB10.G) F1 hybrid mice (H-2q/k) containing high levels of IgG1 antibodies specific for T. muris E/S and IgG antibodies which recognized the 90-95 kDa and 105-110 kDa E/S antigens was effective in transferring protection to the non-responsive B10.BR mouse strain as seen on day 35 post-infection (p.i.). It is suggested that the IgG responses described for the generally very resistant H-2q mouse strains may contribute to, but not be an absolute requirement for, protective immunity, antibody-mediated damage facilitating a subsequent cellular attack in certain strains of mice.

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