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Pest Manag Sci. 2012 Apr;68(4):580-6.

Use of a potentiometric vital dye to determine the effect of the herbicide bromoxynil octanoate on mitochondrial bioenenergetics in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Author information

Crop and Environment Research Centre, Harper Adams University College Newport, Shropshire, UK.



The aims of the present study were to validate a vital mitochondrial potentiometric staining method in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and to utilise this method to examine the effect of the herbicide bromoxynil octanoate on mitochondrial potential in this species. A range of stains was investigated, including Rhodamine 123, DASPMI, Mitotracker Green, Mitotracker Orange and JC-1.


Rhodamine 123 (R123) had the highest utility of several candidate stains. Incubation with both 5 and 10 µM carbonyl cyanide 3-chlorophenylhydrazone caused significant fluorescence collapse [Dunn's post test (40.00, P < 0.01) and (45.49, P < 0.01) respectively], demonstrating that the R123 fluorescence reported mitochondrial potential. The effect of the herbicide bromoxynil octanoate was examined. Exposure to 0.1 mM of bromoxynil resulted in a significant increased mitochondrial fluorescence compared with the baseline (Mann–Whitney U = 222, P < 0.002), while concentrations of 1 mM and greater resulted in significant, almost complete loss of mitochondrial potential [mean fluorescence ratio = 1.193–1.289 (where a ratio of 1 represents total potential loss), Mann–Whitney U = 0.0, P < 0.001 (1 mM), 0.0, P < 0.0001 (2 mM), 0.0, P < 0.0001 (5 mM)]. EC50 of the collapse in mitochondrial potential owing to bromoxynil incubation occurred at 0.72 mM, and the mean t50 of bromoxynil octanoate action was 93 s.


R123 is a sensitive potentiometric dye in C. reinhardtii that may find further use in investigations of both mitochondrial bioenergetics in plants and environmental toxicology.

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