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Biochem J. 1990 Nov 1;271(3):649-53.

Expression of endoplasmic-reticulum Ca2(+)-pump isoforms and of phospholamban in pig smooth-muscle tissues.

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Laboratorium voor Fysiologie, K.U. Leuven, Belgium.


The expression of the gene 2 sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic-reticulum Ca2(+)-pump isoforms (SERCA2a and SERCA2b) and of phospholamban was studied in pig smooth muscle of the stomach, longitudinal ileum, pulmonary artery and aorta. mRNA levels were determined using an RNAase protection assay. The SERCA2 isoforms and phospholamban were tested on Western blots with a panel of antibodies, some of which were isoform-specific. The pig smooth-muscle tissues all contained comparable SERCA2 mRNA levels, but these levels were 10-20-fold lower than SERCA2 mRNA levels in cardiac muscle. Of the SERCA2 mRNAs in smooth muscle, 72-81% encoded the non-muscle isoform (SERCA2b), and Western blot analysis with isoform-specific antibodies confirmed that the SERCA2b isoform is the predominant endoplasmic-reticulum Ca2(+)-pump in smooth muscle. In contrast with SERCA2 mRNA levels, phospholamban mRNA levels varied by 12-fold between the different pig smooth-muscle tissues, with low and very low levels in the pig pulmonary artery and the pig aorta respectively. The differential expression of phospholamban was also confirmed on Western blots. The finding that the phospholamban content varied between the different smooth-muscle tissues whereas the SERCA2 expression remained rather constant indicates that, in pig smooth muscle, the expression of phospholamban is not coupled with that of SERCA2.

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