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Virology. 1979 Jul 15;96(1):64-79.

Identification of a sarcoma virus-coded phosphoprotein in nonproducer cells transformed by Kirsten or Harvey murine sarcoma virus.

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Laboratory of Tumor Virus Genetics, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20205, USA.


A similar protein of 21,000 MW (p21) coded for by Harvey or Kirsten murine sarcoma virus has been identified in nonproducer cells transformed by these two viruses. Antisera prepared from rats bearing tumors induced by syngeneic transplantation of NRK cells transformed by Harvey murine sarcoma virus (Ha-MuSV) specifically precipitated the Ha-MuSV p21 from a nonproducer Balb/c mouse cell and a nonproducer dog cell transformed by Ha-MuSV. The same antisera also precipitated a similar protein, Ki-MuSV p21, from a nonproducer mink cell transformed by Kirsten murine sarcoma virus (Ki-MuSV). Both the p21 of Ha-MuSV and of Ki-MuSV are phosphoproteins. Previous studies have reported a virus-specific p21 polypeptide from translation of Ha-MuSV RNA in cell-free protein synthesis systems (W. P. Parks and E. M. Scolnick, 1977, J. Virol. 22, 711-719; T. Y. Shih, D. R. Williams, M. O. Weeks, J. M. Maryak, W. C. Vass, and E. M. Scolnick, 1978, J. Virol 27, 45-55). This p21 protein was specifically precipitated by the same anti-tumor sera. Similarly, a p21 polypeptide translated from Ki-MuSV RNA was also specifically precipitated by the antitumor sera. Therefore, it is concluded that the p21 of Ha-MuSV and Ki-MuSV are homologous proteins coded for bv homologous sequences found in the recombinant genomes of Ha-MuSV and Ki-MuSV.

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