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Zebrafish. 2011 Dec;8(4):181-2. doi: 10.1089/zeb.2011.0718.

Zebrafish Enhancer TRAP transgenic line database ZETRAP 2.0.

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Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore.


Our first Zebrafish Enhancer TRAP lines database (ZETRAP) generated a few years ago was a web-based system informing the scientific community about the developmental, genetic, and genomic aspects of transgenic zebrafish lines expressing the cytosolic version of EGFP. These transgenic lines were obtained in a primary screen using Tol2 transposon-mediated transgenesis. Following that, several hundreds transgenics were generated by a systematic "rejump" of the transposon from the two distinct genomic sites. This collection was expanded further by generation of transgenics expressing the membrane-tethered version of a novel red protein KillerRed. These KR transgenics are useful not only to complement the cytosolic GFP in compound GFP/KR transgenics for improved bioimaging. They also could be used to affect cells physiology by tissue-specific optogenetic generation of reactive oxygen species. We have compiled the genomic data and expression patterns of these novel ET transgenic lines in an updated online database--the Zebrafish Enhancer TRAP lines database version 2.0 (ZETRAP 2.0). This improved and expanded version contains the sequence of regions flanking the insertion sites, links to genes in zebrafish genome, and confocal images of embryos/larvae of these transgenics.

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