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J Biol Chem. 1979 Jul 10;254(13):6088-93.

The role of oxygen in the biosynthesis of cytochrome c oxidase of yeast mitochondria.


The formation of cytochrome c oxidase in yeast is dependent on oxygen. In order to examine the oxygen-dependent formation of the active enzyme, the effect of oxygen on the synthesis and the assembly of cytochrome c oxidase subunits was studied. Pulse-labeling experiments revealed that oxygen has no significant immediate effect on the synthesis of the three mitochondrially made subunits I to III; however, its presence causes subunits I and II to form a complex with the cytoplasmically made subunits VI and VII. This "assembly-inducing" effect can be demonstrated with intact yeast cells as well as with isolated mitochondria. It is independent of cytoplasmic or mitochondrial protein synthesis. After anaerobic growth for 10 or more generations, the intracellular concentrations of individual cytochrome c oxidase subunits drop 10- to 100-fold. Most of these residual subunits are not assembled within a functional cytochrome c oxidase molecule.

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