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Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 2012 Feb;60(1):69-77. doi: 10.1007/s00005-011-0157-7. Epub 2011 Dec 6.

Immunotherapy of lung adenocarcinoma patient with Peptide-pulsed dendritic cells: a case report.

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Department of Pneumonology, Oncology and Allergology, Medical University of Lublin, Lublin, Poland.


Immunotherapy with ex vivo generated dendritic cells (DCs) is reported to be of low toxicity and of diverse effectiveness in cancer treatment. The synthetic antigens are frequently used for immunotherapy especially for patients with stable disease after prior treatment. We described the effect of peptide-loaded DCs-based immunotherapy on patient with recurrent surgically resected adenocarcinoma with bronchoalveolar feature with co-existing of Takayasu arteritis and chronic hepatitis B. In January 2010, 61-year-old patient received subcutaneously four bi-weekly vaccinations of DCs loaded with MUC1 and MAGE-3 epitopes. Additionally, he received three bi-weekly booster vaccinations after 7 months from the first course of immunotherapy. Delayed-type hypersensitivity test was positive only for MAGE-3 antigen. The evidence expansion of MAGE-3-specific CD8(+) cells after first vaccination and after third vaccination during boosters injections was observed (from 0.08% before vaccination to 0.5% after first vaccination; from 0.05% before booster vaccination to 0.24% after third injection). Computed tomography scans performed after first course and after booster course of vaccination until April 2011 did not shown any presence of lung tumour or metastases. Based on clinical factors (no completed wedge-resection and recurrent character of cancer) as well as on the presence of the tumour-antigen-specific immunological response, we could speculated that immunotherapy prolonged disease free-survival in our patient. Over 16 months from first vaccination, the patient remains without symptoms of cancer.

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