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Epidemiol Infect. 2012 Oct;140(10):1830-7. Epub 2011 Nov 29.

Improved hepatitis C treatment response in younger patients: findings from the UK HCV National Register cohort study.

Collaborators (142)

Agarwal K, Aldersley M, Alexander GJ, Anderson MG, Baker A, Bansal S, Barry R, Bassendine MF, Bell D, Bharucha C, Bomford A, Bragonier R, Bramley PN, Brind AM, Brown M, Brown J, Bunting M, Burge E, Burnham WR, Caldwell H, Chapman RW, Chapman C, Charlton CP, Christie JM, Clark SJ, Clarke S, Clements A, Collier J, Cramp M, Dalton HR, Davies MH, Davison S, Delahooke T, Delvin J, Dillon J, Dunbar EM, Dundas P, Dusheiko G, Eastham EJ, Evans R, Fellows IW, Fraser A, Freedman AR, Freeman JG, Gilbertson N, Gillen CD, Gilmore IT, Gimson AE, Gleeson DC, Gordon F, Green J, Green MR, Harrison PM, Harry R, Hewett M, Howdle PD, Jack K, Jacyna MR, Parry Jones H, Kelly DA, Kennedy HS, Kenny E, Kerr M, Khalil AA, Lancaster-Smith MJ, Laurenti J, Levine DF, Linaker BD, Lombard M, Lorton A, Losowsky MS, Main J, Mani V, Matthews S, Maxwell JD, McFarlane E, McIntyre AS, McKendrick M, McKiernan PJ, McNair A, Mieli-Vergani G, Mills PR, Morris AJ, Moss P, Mowat AP, Mutimer D, Naidu AN, Nathwani D, Nicholas SJ, Nicholls M, Nightingale J, Novelli V, Oakhill A, O'Donnell K, O'Grady JG, Pugh S, Quigley T, Rankin M, Record C, Rose JD, Rosenberg W, Ross A, Ryder S, Scott BB, Sharland MR, Shearman JD, Sheron N, Sira J, Smith JF, Smith M, Smith PM, Spray CH, Stobbs D, Sturgess RP, Tanner MS, Thomas H, Tibbs CJ, Toolis F, Verma A, Vora A, Walker RJ, Wansbrough-Jones MH, Warnes T, Watson HG, Whittaker JA, Wilde JT, Williams SG, Winwood P, Wiselka MJ, Wonke B, Woodall T, Yee TT, Zentler-Munro PL, Alexander G, Gunson B, Harris H, Heptonstall J, Hewitt P, Mieli-Vergani G, Portmann B, Ramsay M, Robb G.

Author information

Immunisation, Hepatitis and Blood Safety Department, Health Protection Services Colindale, Health Protection Agency, 61 Colindale Ave., London, UK.


In a cohort of 272 treatment-naive individuals with chronic hepatitis C infection acquired on a known date who were enrolled in the UK HCV National Register, a progressive improvement in response to treatment was found with the evolution of antiviral therapies from 20% (25/122) for interferon monotherapy to 63% (55/88) for pegylated interferon+ribavirin therapy. Multivariable analysis results showed increasing age to be associated with poorer response to therapy [odds ratio (OR) 0·84, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0·72-0·99, P=0·03] whereas time since infection was not associated with response (OR 0·93, 95% CI 0·44-1·98, P=0·85). Other factors significantly associated with a positive response were non-type 1 genotype (P<0·0001) and combination therapies (P<0·0001). During the first two decades of chronic HCV infection, treatment at a younger age was found to be more influential in achieving a sustained viral response than treating earlier in the course of infection.

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