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Recenti Prog Med. 2011 Nov;102(11):432-7. doi: 10.1701/975.10607.

[Echocardiographic indices related with acute coronary anatomy in acute phase of myocardial infarction: our experience].

[Article in Italian]

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Ospedale Maggiore, Policlinico Centro Ipertensione, Universita degli Studi, Milano, Italy.


Inferior acute myocardial infarction (IAMI) is often associated with right ventricle involvement (RVAMI). Echocardiogram (Echo) shows the ischemic involvement of the right ventricle with an initial dilatation (RVD) and segmental cinetic abnormalities (RVSCS). During RVAMI the normal convexity of the interatrial septum (IAS) toward right atrium is inverted (IASI). 53 patients with IAMI were studied with ECG, echo and hemodinamic monitoring by a Swan-Ganz catheter. Echo was early performed and patients were subdivided into three groups: 1. IAMI with RVSCS and/or RVD with IASI (12 patients); 2. IAMI with RVSCS and/or RVD without IASI (8 patients); 3. IAMI without VSCS, RVD IASI (33 patients). ECG showed RV involvement only in A and B groups (ST-T segment elevation more than 2 mm in V3 r - V5 r). Echo-Doppler showed no statistically differences between the two groups on RV protodiastolic pression; no hemodinamic differences between the two groups (p = n.s.); no statistically differences in central venous pressure, right ventricular pressure, cardiac output, wedge pressure. Complications (arrhytmias, heart failure, ipotension, pericarditis, 3rd A-V block) were so subdivided: group A: 6 patients (50%); group B: 2 patients (24%); group C: 4 patients (12%) with statistical significance (p<0.03) between all three groups. Coronarography showed that in group A significative lesions were localized in the proximal tract of the right coronary and/or in the proximal tract of the circumflex coronary; on the contrary in B and C groups the lesions were localized in medium and distal tract of the two vessels. Mortality at six months was 41 % in group A (5 patients); 20 % in group B (2 patients); 6 % in group C (2 patients), with p<0.01 between all three groups. Echo after six months showed IASI only in two patients of group A. Patients with IASI revealed complications (residual angina, ventricular ipercinetic arrytmias).


IASI in patients with IAMI and RVAMI seems to identify a group with higher risk in developing complications and with a more adverse prognosis.

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