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Parasite. 2011 Nov;18(4):319-23.

Study of the sustained speed of kill of the combination of fipronil/amitraz/(S)-methoprene and the combination of imidacloprid/permethrin against Dermacentor reticulatus, the European dog tick.

Author information

ClinVet, PO Box 11186, Universitas, Bloemfontein, 9321, Republic of South Africa.


The sustained speed of kill against Dermacentor reticulatus of two topical combinations, one containing fipronil/amitraz/(S)-methoprene and the other, imidacloprid/permethrin, was evaluated in dogs. Two treated groups and one untreated control group of eight adult Beagle dogs each were randomly formed based on pre-infestation rates and bodyweight. Each treatment was administered topically once on Day 0, according to the recommended label dose and instructions for use. All dogs were infested with 50 adult unfed D. reticulatus starting on Day 1, then weekly, for a total of five weeks. While most studies determine tick efficacy at 48 hours (h), in this study, all remaining ticks were counted and categorized 24 h following each infestation. The numbers of ticks (living or dead) that remained attached on treated dogs were compared to those on the control animals. The percent reduction of attached ticks (disruption of attachment) at 24 h on dogs treated with fipronil/amitraz/(S)-methoprene remained above 92% for four weeks. The reduction of attached ticks at 24 h on dogs treated with imidacloprid/permethrin did not reach 80% during the entire study. The number of ticks attached at 24 h was significantly (p<0.05) lower in the fipronil/amitraz/(S)-methoprene group than in the imidacloprid/permethrin group in assessments on Days 2, 15, 22, 29 and 36. When assessing efficacy based upon live ticks on treated versus control dogs, fipronil/amitraz/(S)-methoprene 24 h efficacy was above 95% for four weeks, decreasing to 77.8% at Day 36. The 24 h efficacy of imidacloprid/permethrin ranged from 56.2% to 86.7% through Day 29, never achieving 90% throughout the study. The 24-hour efficacy of fipronil/amitraz/(S)-methoprene was significantly (p<0.05) higher than imidacloprid/permethrin at all time points, including Day 36.

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