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Mol Biol (Mosk). 2011 Jul-Aug;45(4):703-14.

[Endo-alpha-1-4-polygalactosaminidases and their homologues: structure and evolution].

[Article in Russian]


Endo-alpha-1,4-polygalactosaminidase is a rare enzyme. Its catalytic domain belongs to the GH114 family of glycoside hydrolases. Phylogenetic analysis of the family proteins allowed us to show an important role of duplications, eliminations, and horizontal transfer in the evolution of their genes. Domain structure, the secondary structure, and proposed structure of the active center of the endo-alpha-1,4-polygalactosaminidases are discussed. Evolutionary connections of the GH114 family with GH13, GH18, GH20, GH27, GH29, GH31, GH35, GH36, and GH66 families of glycoside hydrolases, as well as, with COG1306, COG1649, COG2342, GHL3, and GHL4 families of enzymatically uncharacterized proteins have been revealed by iterative screening of the protein database. The unclassified homologues have been grouped into 13 new families of hypothetical glycoside hydrolases: GHL5 - GHL15, GH36J, and GH36K.

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