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Combining usability testing with eye-tracking technology: evaluation of a visualization support for antibiotic use in intensive care.

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Health Informatics Centre, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.


This research work is an explorative study to measure efficiency, effectiveness and user satisfaction of a prototype called Infobiotika aiming to support antibiotic use in intensive care. The evaluation was performed by combining traditional usability testing with eye-tracking technology. The test was conducted with eight intensive care physicians whereof four specialists and four residents. During three test phases participants were asked to perform three types of tasks, namely navigational, clinical and tasks to measure the learning effect after 3-5 minutes free exploring time. A post-test questionnaire was used to explore user satisfaction. Based on the results and overall observations, Infobiotika seems to be effective and efficient in terms of supporting navigation and also a learnable product for intensive care physicians fulfilling their need to get an accurate overview of a patient status quickly. Applying eye-tracking technology during usability testing has shown to be a valuable complement to traditional methods that revealed many unexpected issues in terms of navigation and contributed a supplementary understanding about design problems and user performance.

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