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Coll Antropol. 2010 Dec;34(4):1427-32.

Comparative study on gene tags of the neurotransmission system in schizophrenic and suicidal subjects.

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Sveti Ivan Psychiatric Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia.


Schizophrenia and suicidal behaviour are sever and complex mental disorders, largely determined by factors of inheritance. Both disorders present pathological changes in the catecholamine neurotransmitter system. The study was conducted on three groups; a group of subjects suffering from schizophrenia, a second compounded by individuals who attempted suicide and a third group of phenotypically healthy examinees. The blood samples of schizophrenic patients as of those who attempted suicide were obtained at the Psychiatric Hospital "Sveti Ivan" in Zagreb in the year 2004. Tests were conducted on the statistic relation between a total of 18 SNPs within three candidate-genes of the dopamine and adrenergic system (DRD4, SLC6A3 and ADRA2B) and the manifestation of schzophrenia and suicidal behaviour. Cases were genotyped by use of SNPlex system. Statistically significant differences were determined in the allelic frequency between the mentioned groups. Findings show a significant connection between 4 SNPs (ADRA2B rs749457, SLC6A3 rs464094, DRD4 rs11246226 and rs4331145) and schizophrenia, and 2 SNPs with suicidal attempt (ADRA2B rs1018351 i SLC6A3 rs403636). In addition, this is the first study that highlights the potential role/effect of polymorphisms in ADRA2B on the manifestation of schizophrenia, as on suicidal behaviour.

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