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Klin Med (Mosk). 2011;89(3):14-8.

[The genes of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases].

[Article in Russian]


The aim of the work was to study polymorphism of atherosclerosis-related genes in patients with different forms of coronary heart disease (CHD) and chronic cerebral ischemia (CCI) in comparison with long-living subjects. Analysis included the distribution of genotypes and alleles of functional polymorphisms of lipid metabolism genes, viz. HindIII--polymorphism of lipoproteinase (LPL) gene; HhaI--polymorphism of apoE gene; TaqIB--polymorphism of cholesterol ether transfer protein (CETP) gene; I/D--polymorphism of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) in CHD and CCI patients of different age groups including long livers and those presenting with different clinical variants of CHD and CCI (FC II-III stable angina of effort, acute myocardial infarction, post-infarction cardiosclerosis, acute coronary syndrome) and control subjects. The study revealed potential molecular-genetic markers for primary and secondary prophylaxis of CHD and CCI. It was shown that DD genotypes of ACE gene, H+/+ of LPL gene and E3E4 are associated with an enhanced probability of myocardial infarction (IM) in CHD patients and can be regarded as high risk markers. The DD genotype is associated with an increased risk of recurrent MI, life-threatening post-IM complications and severe cardiac insufficiency as well as peculiar personality and behavioural traits (animosity and type A behaviour)--psychological risk factors of CHD and predictors of delayed application for medical aid. E2 allele of the ApoE gene and H allele of the LPL gene occur much more frequently in CHD patients aged above 90 years (long livers) than in younger subjects; hence, their value as markers of stable ischemic disease. Protective effect in terms of favourable clinical course of CCI and life expectancy is especially pronounced in subjects with a combination of genotypes with E2E3 + H+H-, E2E2 + H+H-, E3E3 + H-H-genes of ApoE and LPL. B2B2 genotype of CETP gene increases the risk of stable CCI and B1B1 genotype of CETP gene enhances predisposition to cardiovascular pathology.

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