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J Cell Physiol. 1990 Dec;145(3):465-71.

Diacylglycerols and PMA are particularly effective stimulators of fluid pinocytosis in human neutrophils.

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Institute of Pathology, Bern, Switzerland.


Diacylglycerols (OAG, diC8) and PMA were found to stimulate fluid pinocytosis (net uptake of FITC-dextran) to a far greater extent than other neutrophil activators, such as the chemotactic agents fNLPNTL and LTB4, the microtubule disassembling agents colchicine and nocodazole, the kinase inhibitor H-7, or D2O. OAG and diC8 produce a dose-dependent increase in the uptake of FITC-dextran, which is up to about 25- to 30-fold the control value of unstimulated neutrophils. The protein kinase inhibitor H-7 alone had a small stimulating effect on the net uptake, and it failed to inhibit stimulation of fluid pinocytosis by PMA, OAG, and diC8. Also, the protein kinase inhibitor staurosporine failed to inhibit fluid pinocytosis stimulated by OAG, diC8, and PMA. Stimulated fluid pinocytosis and vacuolization in response to PMA or diacylglycerols is associated with surface ruffling of neutrophils. Pinocytosis as well as surface ruffling stimulated by PMA, OAG, diC8, or diC10 are suppressed in the presence of cytochalasin D. The results suggest that diacylglycerols may be instrumental in transducing the signal for stimulated pinocytosis and that the surface movements induced by diacylglycerols, and PMA may be instrumental in fluid pinocytosis.

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