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Bioinformation. 2011;6(5):183-6. Epub 2011 May 26.

HIV associated dementia and HIV encephalitis II: Genes on chromosome 22 expressed in individually microdissected Globus pallidus neurons (Preliminary analysis).


We analyzed RNA gene expression in neurons from 16 cases in four categories, HIV associated dementia with HIV encephalitis (HAD/HIVE), HAD alone, HIVE alone, and HIV-1-positive (HIV+)with neither HAD nor HIVE. We produced the neurons by laser capture microdissection (LCM) from cryopreserved globus pallidus. Of 55,000 gene fragments analyzed, expression of 197 genes was identified with significance (p = 0.005).We examined each gene for its position in the human genome and found a non-stochastic occurrence for only seven genes, on chromosome 22. Six of the seven genes were identified, CSNK1E (casein kinase 1 epsilon), DGCR8 (Di George syndrome critical region 8), GGA1 (Golgi associated gamma adaptin ear containing ARF binding protein 1), MAPK11 (mitogen activated protein kinase 11), SMCR7L (Smith-Magenis syndrome chromosome region candidate 7-like), andTBC1D22A (TBC1 domain family member 22A). Six genes (CSNK1E, DGCR8, GGA1, MAPK11, SMCR7L, and one unidentified gene) had similar expression profiles across HAD/HIVE, HAD, and HIVE vs. HIV+ whereas one gene (TBC1D22A) had a differing gene expression profile across these patient categories. There are several mental disease-related genes including miRNAs on chromosome 22 and two of the genes (DGCR8 and SMCR7L) identified here are mental disease-related. We speculate that dysregulation of gene expression may occur through mechanisms involving chromatin damage and remodeling. We conclude that the pathogenesis of NeuroAIDS involves dysregulation of expression of mental disease-related genes on chromosome 22 as well as additional genes on other chromosomes. The involvement of these genes as well as miRNA requires additional investigation since numerous genes appear to be involved.


Chromosome 22; Globus pallidus; HAD; HIVE; LCM; brain; gene expression; miRNA; network; neuron; pathway

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