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Virology. 1990 Nov;179(1):276-86.

Vaccinia virus host range genes.

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Virogenetics Corporation, Troy, New York 12180-8349.


A gene encoding an 18-kDa polypeptide (ORF C7L) located in the vaccinia virus HindIII C fragment was shown to be functionally equivalent to previously described host range gene (ORF K1L) spanning the HindIII K/M fragment junction. Either C7L or K1L host range gene is necessary and sufficient by itself to allow replication of vaccinia virus on human cells. Deletion of both C7L and K1L genes from the wild-type vaccinia genome is required to derive a virus deficient for replication on human cells. Further, an ORF encoding a 77-kDa polypeptide derived from cowpox (CP77kDa) and previously shown to allow vaccinia to overcome the restriction for replication on Chinese hamster ovary cells could substitute for the vaccinia host range genes C7L and K1L in permitting replication of the virus on human cells. Additionally, the three unique host range genes C7L, K1L, and CP77kDa were functionally equivalent for vaccinia replication on pig kidney cells, but not on rabbit kidney cells.

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