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Eur J Biochem. 1990 Aug 28;192(1):195-200.

Purification and properties of phosphoribosyl-diphosphate synthetase from Bacillus subtilis.

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Enzyme Division, Institute of Biological Chemistry B, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Phosphoribosyl-diphosphate (PPRibP) synthetase from Bacillus subtiliis has been purified to near homogeneity from an Escherichia coli delta prs strain bearing the cloned B. subtilis prs gene, encoding PPRibP synthentase, on a plasmid. The Mr of the subunit (34,000) and its amino-terminal amino acid sequence (14 residues) were in complete agreement with expectations from the nucleotide sequence of the prs gene. The Mr of the native enzyme (280,000 +/- 10,000) was consistent with an octameric quaternary structure. No tendency toward multiple states of aggregation of the enzyme was seen. The purified enzyme required Mg2+ and inorganic phosphate for activity; Mn2+ supported only 30% the activity seen with Mg2+. Michaelis constants for ATP and ribose 5-phosphate (Rib5P) were 0.66 mM and 0.48 mM, respectively. Of several end products tested, only ADP was strongly inhibitory; GDP was a weak inhibitor. ADP inhibition displayed homotropic cooperativity and was enhanced by increasing saturation of the enzyme with ATP. These observations strongly suggest a specific allosteric site for ADP binding. A comparison of physical and kinetic properties of bacterial and mammalian PPRibP synthetases is presented.

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