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Am J Bot. 2003 May;90(5):796-821. doi: 10.3732/ajb.90.5.796.

A molecular phylogeny of Panicum (Poaceae: Paniceae): tests of monophyly and phylogenetic placement within the Panicoideae.

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  • 1Instituto de Botánica Darwinion, Labardén 200, Casilla de Correo 22, San Isidro B1642HYD, Buenos Aires, Argentina;


Panicum L. is a cosmopolitan genus with approximately 450 species. Although the genus has been considerably reduced in species number with the segregation of many taxa to independent genera in the last two centuries, Panicum remains a heterogeneous assemblage, as has been demonstrated in recent years. The genus is remarkably uniform in its floral characters but exhibits considerable variation in anatomical, physiological, and cytological features. As a result, several classifications, and criteria of what the genus should really include, have been postulated in modern literature. The purpose of this research, based on molecular data of the chloroplast ndhF gene, is to test the monophyly of Panicum, to evaluate infrageneric classifications, and to propose a robust phylogenetic hypothesis. Based on the present results, previous morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies, and inferred diagnostic morphological characters, we restrict Panicum sensu stricto (s.s.) to the former subgenus Panicum and support recognition of Dichanthelium, Phanopyrum, and Steinchisma as distinct genera. We have transfered other species of Panicum to other genera of the Paniceae. Most of the necessary combinations have been made previously, so few nomenclatural changes have been required. The remaining species of Panicum sensu lato (s.l.) are included within Panicum incertae sedis representing isolated species or species grouped within monophyletic clades. Additionally, we explore the performance of the three codon position characters in producing the supported phylogeny.

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