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Virology. 1990 Jul;177(1):401-5.

Genome organization and taxonomic position of human papillomavirus type 47 inferred from its DNA sequence.

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Laboratory of Viral Oncology, Aichi Cancer Center, Nagoya, Japan.


The complete nucleotide sequence of human papillomavirus type 47 (HPV-47) DNA isolated from the lesion of epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV) was determined. The computer-aided comparison of HPV-47 with other EV-associated viruses using the available sequence data on them revealed that HPV-47 resembles both HPV-5 and HPV-8 as much as HPV-5 and HPV-8 resemble each other, and it led us to regard these three viruses as one cluster and HPV-19 and HPV-25 as another. The conclusion implies that HPV-47 as well as HPV-5 and HPV-8 is associated with the cancer occurrence in EV. Two sets of splicing donor and acceptor sequences in HPV-47, which were previously shown to work in vivo, are also conserved in HPV-5 and HPV-8. One of them allows formation of an ORF predicted to encode an E1/E4 fused protein.

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