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Genetika. 2011 Mar;47(3):345-8.

Linkage of a RAPD marker with powdery mildew resistance.

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Nuasheen University of Malakand, Department of Botany, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


The aim of this study was to investigate the inheritance of powdery mildew disease and to tag it with a DNA marker to utilize for the marker-assisted selection (MAS) breeding program. The powdery mildew resistant genotype Fallon(er) and susceptible genotype 11760-3ER were selected from 177 genotypes by heavy infestation of germplasm with Erysiphe pisi through artificial inoculation. The F1 plants of the cross Fallon/11760-3 indicated the dominance of the susceptible allele, while F2 plants segregated in 3 : 1 ratio (susceptible : resistant) that fit for goodness of fitness by chi2 (P > 0.07), indicating monogenic recessive inheritance for powdery mildew resistance in Pisum sativum. A novel RAPD marker OPB18 (5'-CCACAGCAGT-3') was linked to the er-1 gene with 83% probability with a LOD score of 4.13, and was located at a distance of 11.2 cM from the er-1 gene.

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