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Cell. 1978 Dec;15(4):1439-46.

An enzymatic activity in uninfected cells that cleaves the linkage between poliovirion RNA and the 5' terminal protein.


The 5' terminal protein (VPg) on poliovirion RNA can be removed by cell-free extracts from a variety of uninfected cells. This soluble enzymatic activity is found in both nuclear and cytoplasmic extracts of heLa cells and is activated by Mg++. The enzyme activity cleaves the tyrosine-phosphate bond that links the protein to the RNA. In a partially purified form it has insufficient nonspecific protease or nuclease activity to account for its action. The existence of this enzyme implies that poliovirus RNA is translated in cell-free extracts in a form that lacks the 5' terminal protein. The role of this enzyme in the uninfected cell is not known.

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